The art of social engineering

Art? Absolutely. One of the easiest methods that a hacker or cracker can use to get personal information about you or your computer is to pretend, or act like, they are someone you should trust. As humans tend to be trusting in nature this leads to an interesting situation where if a hacker disguises himself as a trusted source, we would be more apt to give personal information to this person compared to what we would disclose to a total stranger. Makes sense right?

You may be wondering why I call this an art? It is because the people who perform social engineering go into such detail in their acts that is almost becomes a play, a script, a web site on its own, etc. For those doing social engineering over the phone, they may create elaborate scripts or personas. For those doing it over the web they make make creative emails or web sites. So yes,in a scary sense, this is an art, though not very good art. Security news and information The art of social engineering

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