E Mail 101: Avoiding Spam

A friend of mine was suspended from his job the other day...he got nailed for doing something that almost every one of us has done from time to time: he sent a personal email.

Actually, he sent quite a few of them, to addresses both inside and outside his company. He's been doing this for awhile, and there hasn't been a problem. He knew, of course, that his company had a policy forbidding personal use of the company computers, but he figured that he could get away with a few e-mails here and there. He was right for quite a while--right up to last week. Then the boss lowered the boom.

It seems that one of the e-mail addresses that he had communicated with was connected somehow to a server that got hit by a "harvesting bot"--an electronic means that the bad guys have to vacuum up e-mail addresses. Once they had his e-mail address, they used it to spam many other e-mail addresses. So many spam messages were sent--supposedly from his email address--that his company's e-mail server was blacklisted by some other computers. When other employees tried to send legitimate e-mail to those servers, they were bounced as spam. An investigation by the company led to my friend, and…you know the rest. E-Mail 101-Avoiding Spam: Technology at Officer.com

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 14th September 2006 10:20PM