Which Anti Spyware Programs Delete Which Cookies?

Some anti spyware programs take their criticism to the extreme, with terms like "spy cookies" and serious overstatements of the alleged harm from cookies. Others ignore cookies altogether. In between are some interesting alternatives like ignoring cookies by default (but with optional detection), giving users an easy way to hide cookie detections, and flagging cookies as "low risk" detections.

...for those anti-spyware programs that detect cookies, not all cookies are equally affected. Which cookies are most affected? By which anti-spyware programs? I ran tests to see -- forming a suite of cookies, then scanning them with the leading anti-spyware programs. Cookies Detected by Anti-Spyware Programs: The Current Status via Which Anti-Spyware Programs Delete Which Cookies?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 15th September 2006 1:11AM