Extreme File Sharing

Spent a few hours over the weekend poking around Limewire, an online peer-to-peer file-sharing network where an estimated 2 million users share and swap MP3 files, movies, software titles and just about anything and everything else made up of ones and zeroes (including quite a few virus-infected files).

I was sifting the lists not for music or movie files, but for the stuff Limewire users may not know they're sharing with the rest of the network. I quickly found what I was looking for, and then some: dozens of entries for tax and payroll records, medical records, bank statements, and what appeared to be company books.

A search for "cookies" or "paypal," for example, turned up cookie files for a number of financial institutions. Having cookie files exposed might be a little less dangerous if you couldn't also click your way through every shared file on a user's machine. For the most part I found that users who shared sensitive information were also sharing the contents of their entire hard drives. Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer Security - (washingtonpost.com)

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 17th October 2005 10:18PM