The Story Behind MySpace

TRENT LAPINSKI, a 20 year old blogger and journalism student, has been investigating the social networking site MySpace since July 2005, when the News Corporation bought it. This week, Valleywag, a Silicon Valley gossip blog, published Mr. Lapinski’s long, critical examination of MySpace.

...According to the article, and many sources to which it links, MySpace began this way: “Headed by C.E.O., founder, and chairman Brad Greenspan, eUniverse (now Intermix Media), was a multimillion-dollar marketing and entertainment company known for sites like, pop-up advertising, unsolicited mass e-mails, spyware, and the adware behind controversial peer-to-peer file sharing network Kazaa.” The Story Behind MySpace - New York Times

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 18th September 2006 9:41PM