Spam King sued again

Software and security firm Infinite Monkeys & Company has announced that a lawsuit has been filed against 'Spam King' Scott Richter, head of 'online marketing company' OptInRealBig, along with numerous associate organisations, claiming $27 million in damages. They also hope to stop Richter from future spamming activities.

Richter has a long history of legal problems with his spamming businesses, including facing an action brought by meat company Hormel for his use of their trademarked name. He was bankrupted in the past after suits brought by Microsoft, who were awarded almost $19 million, and the New York Attorney General, who won $20 million. This latest case claims that Richter, his company, and other advertising firms linked with him violated a swathe of US and California state laws covering email and advertising. Virus Bulletin : News - Spam King sued again

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 19th September 2006 11:58AM