Is Antivirus Ready for Open Source?

The open source software movement has come a long way. A decade ago, nobody but the actual participants in open source projects and other IT enthusiasts gave the movement much chance of succeeding, but today, it's tough to deny the success of open source products. However, when it comes to security tools and antivirus software the thin blue line separating our computers from certain infection on the Internet there is less agreement that open source can secure as well as traditionally developed, closed source products.

There is no denying the huge impact that open source development has had, and continues to have, on the IT industry. Indeed, one only has to look as far as Linux, which is the second-most popular operating system (to Windows), and the fastest growing operating system in terms of usage. Apache remains, by far, the most popular HTTP server on the Net, and the Eclipse Java framework is rapidly gaining market and mind-share, and is now a real threat to Microsoft in development tool supremacy. Four Hundred Stuff--Is Antivirus Ready for Open Source?

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 19th September 2006 11:59PM