Learning spammers' tricks doesn't mean less junk

The industry is learning more and more about tricks used by spammers to get their unwanted messages across, as evidenced by a handful of research studies made public this month from university and vendor labs. But even as their tricks are revealed, spammers continue to stay a step ahead of the filters, techniques and services designed to catch them.

Findings about how spammers take advantage of Internet protocols to hide their tracks, mine free Web hosting sites to make extra money, and pump up stock prices to then dump shares at a profit are just some of the research reports that have surfaced. While some of these reports promise to feed their findings into future product developments or to help strengthen Internet protocols against misuse, by the time the information is implemented spammers will no doubt have found a new set of tricks. Learning spammers' tricks doesn't mean less junk - Network World

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 25th September 2006 11:14PM