IM Worms "Epidemic" on MSN Messenger

Russian anti virus and security vendor Kaspersky wrote Friday about an increase in spyware attacks on MSN Messenger users, an attack that succeeds in part due to a flaw in Microsoft's approach to blocking transfers of certain types of malicious files.

Last week, two out of three of the most active worms spread over MSN's instant messenger program, according to Kaspersky Labs. Microsoft at some point configured its Messenger network to block transfers of files ending in ".pif," responding to a rash of viruses, worms and trojans that disguised themselves as .pif images. By doing so, Microsoft sought to halt the progress of IM worms that spread rapidly to each of a victim's contacts after the recipient clicks on an exploit-laced Web link. IM Worms "Epidemic" on MSN Messenger - Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 25th September 2006 11:25PM