Beware! "Trusted" sites often host spyware and scams

TRUSTe, which promises to help consumers by certifying only "trustworthy" Web sites as being safe, in fact certifies many sites that "that seek to scam users, whether through spyware infections, spam, or other unsavory practices," according to well known spyware researcher Ben Edelman.

More frightening still, TRUSTe-certified sites are twice as likely as non-TRUSTe-certified sites to host spyware or scams, Edelman found. Edelman examined more than 500,000 Web sites, and checked their safety using SiteAdvisor, whose robots check Web sites for spyware, and which uses other methods and test to check sites for spamming and other scams. Beware! "Trusted" sites often host spyware and scams - Computerworld Blogs

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 26th September 2006 8:18AM