Firefox 2 reaches RC1

Today, the Mozilla organization is preparing to release the first release candidate for version 2 of their popular Firefox web browser. Firefox 2 RC1 is available in binary form for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (the latter a Universal Binary for both PPC and Intel systems). The Windows download comes in at 5.7 MB and runs on Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, or XP (recommended). It ran without issue on my copy of Windows Vista RC1.

According to Mozilla, RC1 should be very close to the final product. When I first ran it, I noticed a few things that had been left unfinished, such as the default start page, which displays "This is placeholder copy for the First Run page. It will be finalized prior to the launch of Firefox 2 and will be localized in all languages." To my surprise, the second time I ran Firefox, the page had already been put in place. It is a customized Google start page with the Firefox logo and a link to various Mozilla pages. Firefox 2 reaches RC1

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 27th September 2006 8:54AM