Rootkits Sprout on Networks

Rootkits are becoming increasingly common on enterprise computer networks and are even being used to create undetectable download servers for pirated movies and MP3s, according to anti-virus experts.

Anti-virus software company F-Secure Corp., of Helsinki, Finland, has detected rootkits on the networks of numerous customers, and malicious-code authors are integrating rootkit stealth features into Internet worms, bots and Trojan horse programs, according to anti-virus researcher Kimmo Kasslin of F-Secure. Despite the surge in interest, only a small number of anti-virus companies offer dedicated rootkit detection features.

Rootkits are programs that are used to give a remote user access to a compromised system while avoiding detection. Originally developed more than 10 years ago and used on Unix machines, rootkits have been rare on Windows systems, said Mikko Hyppönen, manager of anti-virus research at F-Secure. Rootkits Sprout on Networks

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