Can Watchful Cybercitizens Curb ID Theft?

Since May, good Samaritan Steven Peisner has scoured the Internet forums of cybercrooks, looking for the names of ID-theft victims whose personal information is for sale online. The same day, he informs victims that their names not to mention Social Security numbers, credit card information and phone numbers are floating in cyberspace.

Though many recipients immediately suspect he is an ID thief, Peisner's intent is just the opposite: He is a digital whistle-blower.

"My motivation is to be a good citizen and put a dent in phishing scams," says Peisner, president of, which provides anti-phishing services for online merchants. He works closely with law enforcement and computer-security experts. Technology News: ID Security: Can Watchful Cybercitizens Curb ID Theft?

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