IE 7.0 tops study of anti phishing tools

Internet Explorer 7.0's antiphishing security is superior to any of its rivals, the first significant study to rate this element of browser security has concluded.

The tests by US Microsoft consultants 3Sharp LLC pitted a range of browser plug-ins for anti-phishing security against the phishing filter, in beta three of IE 7.0, finding the Microsoft technology to be the most effective.

Each of seven filters from eBay, Earthlink, GeoTrust, Google, Netcraft, McAfee Site Advisor, and Netscape were tested on 100 known phishing sites, and 500 legitimate sites, to gauge how well the different systems could distinguish friend from foe. Each was then rated on a scale from zero (defined as no anti-phishing capability) to a maximum score of 200. - IE 7.0 tops study of anti-phishing tools

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 30th September 2006 7:51AM