Vista and Longhorn to get new antipiracy measures

Microsoft Corp. today confirmed that it plans to overhaul its antipiracy technology in Windows Vista, a move it hopes will avoid the problems associated similar efforts in Windows XP and plug a longtime gap associated with corporate customers.

...Under the Microsoft Software Protection Platform (SPP), business customers of Microsoft will be forced to tighten up how they install software. Starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn, which is expected in 2007, companies will have one of two choices. The first, expected to be popular with smaller customers, is to receive a validated Multiple Activation Key (MAK) directly through the Internet from a Microsoft server during installation. The second option, expected to be embraced by larger corporations, is for companies to install a Key Management Service (KMS) on an internal server to validate PCs during the installation process and every 180 days thereafter. Vista and Longhorn to get new antipiracy measures

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 5th October 2006 1:09AM