Beguiling but Beware: Ajax, VOIP

Some of the slickest new technologies online VOIP and Ajax are dangerously insecure, and likely to only get worse as they become more prevalent, according to security researchers presenting their findings at the ToorCon security conference.

...this leaves most VOIP calls vulnerable. Calls can be hijacked without either party's knowledge anywhere along the route over the net that connects the call, and nearly all VOIP systems can fall victim to signal-channel attacks that can fake caller ID, degrade call quality, end calls suddenly, and crash the end device -- either your VOIP phone or computer. Internet telephony can even fall victim to denial-of-service attacks that flood a phone with fake requests to start a call, rendering it useless. Wired News: Beguiling but Beware: Ajax, VOIP

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 5th October 2006 1:20AM