Got Phish? Drop 'Em in the 'Phishtank'

Chances are that you regularly receive "phish" in your inbox e-mail messages that try to lure you into giving away your personal and financial data at fake bank or ecommerce Web sites. If you're at all like me, you probably long ago stopped alerting the banks or companies being impersonated in the fake e-mails after time and again receiving the same impersonal and automated reply: "Yeah, thanks, we're on it."

This week, however, saw the launch of Phishtank, a free, community-based service that puts the "phun" back into phish reporting. The service was created by OpenDNS, a start-up that hopes to offer consumers and businesses a safer and speedier domain name system (DNS) resolution service (DNS is what translates Web site names into numeric addresses that are easier for machines to process). Got Phish? Drop 'Em in the 'Phishtank' - Security Fix

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