Microsoft's Genuine Advantage, your personal information exposed?

Yesterday Microsoft outlined the steps it is taking to prevent end users pirating their yet to be released Windows Vista operating system, the successor to Windows XP. According to Microsoft the net is closing around people aspiring to pirate Vista as it will be disabling features on non verified copies of the operating system. Much like with Windows XP, Vista users will be required to validate their copy as genuine by using the supplied product key within 30 days.

If not, the operating system will be disabling features such as programs that safeguard the user against attacks from viruses, mal- and spyware and other security threats. That’s how Microsoft pitched it yesterday, but from where I’m sitting they’ve just opened up a can of worms, a big one at that. Hardware Analysis - Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage, your personal information exposed?

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Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 7th October 2006 2:23AM