Windows Viruses on OS X: When will it Happen?

Until recently, the separate nature of Windows and OS X has prevented any specific Windows problems from creeping over to Apple’s OS, but now, with Boot Camp, red flags are being raised in the minds of many Mac admirers, and some questions are being asked about the problems that could become an issue due to running Windows on the same machine as OS X.

It’s important to realize that when we say that Macs are pretty secure, we’re talking about the OS, and not necessarily the hardware. It’s not like your Mac hardware itself has some super power that prevents damage from being caused to it. Since Windows sits on its own partition on your Mac through Boot Camp, it runs like it would on your PC, and Apple has even acknowledged that Windows running on a Mac is subject to the same attacks as Windows running on a PC, so this brings security threats straight to your Mac (at least to the Windows partition). - Windows Viruses on OS X: When will it Happen?: 2. Continued...

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