IceWeasel: "free" version of Mozilla's (not so free) Firefox

IceWeasel is essentially Firefox stripped of the Firefox name and logo. According to IceWeasel developers, the browser also includes some additional privacy protection features. One of those features is the blocking of cookies that come from zero size images.

The IceWeasel browser is particularly significant now that Mozilla is cracking down on Linux distributions such as Debian.

The Debian GNU/Linux distribution adheres to a strict definition of what is Free Software and considers Mozilla's Firefox logo trademark to be non-free and as such does not include the logo with its distribution. Mozilla has taken issue with Debian's non-compliance with Mozilla's usage policies and has also stipulated that Debian developers submit patches made to Debian's Firefox packages to Mozilla first for approval. Firefox Set Free in IceWeasel

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Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 7th October 2006 3:12AM