HP fiasco serves as a reminder of spyware risks

Apparently you cannot lecture people enough about spyware. Nobody knows what it is and most computers are infected. That means you.
Luckily the recent HP fiasco, where it admitted to spying on the media and its own board members brought some light to the matter. HP had apparently utilized tracking software and incorporated it into some emails to see if they were forwarded.

For some reason the company didn't think this was wrong. I'd be leery of any mail coming from HP if this is its attitude. It's unclear what HP was using to do this.

Spyware takes all sort of forms and manages to get onto your computer through numerous mechanisms. If you have never installed anti-spyware software and you are on an Internet connected network, I can assure you that you have some sort of spyware on your system as this is written. H-P fiasco is a reminder of spyware risks - MarketWatch

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 7th October 2006 11:19PM