Phishing on the Pharm, how thieves steal your identity

Bob squinted at the email and began to read:

< "Dear eBay User, as part of our security measures, eBay Inc. has developed a security program against fraudulent attempts and account thefts. Therefore, our system requires further account verificationů"

Security Measures. A threat to suspend his account to prevent "fraudulent activity". The email went on to say that there were "procedural safeguards with federal regulations to protect the information you provide for us."

Bob clicked the link and was confronted with an authentic looking logon page, just waiting for him to input his user name and password and confirm what ebay supposedly didn't know.

He almost did it. The page looked absolutely authentic, and he had already been "set up" by the email message. His fingers were poised over the keyboard when he happened to glance at the URL.

There was something very, very wrong with it. Phishing on the Pharm - how thieves steal your identity

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