Time's About Up For Windows XP Service Pack 1

Microsoft Corp. will ship at least six patches later today to fix problems in its Windows operating systems, but those fixes will be the final set of security updates released for XP users who are still running their systems under an outdated patch roll-up known as Service Pack 1.

That's because Microsoft will end support for Service Pack 1 on Oct. 10, a deadline that has long been looming. The current patch roll-up for Windows XP is Service Pack 2, a bundle of updates and security enhancements that Microsoft released in Sept. 2004. Under the company's stated support policy, Microsoft "will provide 12 months of support for the previous service pack," support that "may be extended to 24 months for service packs if Microsoft believes customers will need additional time for testing and deployment." I checked with a Microsoft spokesperson: SP1 users will be able to download patches this month, but next month: no dice. Time's About Up For Windows XP Service Pack 1 - Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 11th October 2006 3:16AM