The False Promise of Browser Security

...Vulnerabilities are so embedded in any browser that surfing the Web is no safer than driving a tank through a mine field while blindfolded. Sooner or later, you will run over a mine. Internet surfers cannot escape inevitable hits by attackers. For those surfing the Web, the risk of identity theft, phishing attacks and malware infection is always lurking.
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Avoiding obvious malware havens like porn and game sites can only help reduce attack risks by a little. Not using Microsoft's Internet Explorer -- either the current version or the soon-to-be released version 7.0 -- will likely do little more than delay the inevitable attack.

"All browsers have exploitable vulnerabilities. What matters most now is which one is less likely to get hacked," Jeremiah Grossman, founder and CTO of Whitehat Security, told TechNewsWorld. Mac News: Browser News: The False Promise of Browser Security

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