The Netscaping of Symantec and McAfee

In 1994 there was one very good Internet browser: Netscape. Created by several members of the team who gave us Mosaic, one of the first browsers, Netscape was immediately successful as a commercial enterprise. Microsoft, realizing late that it had failed to seize upon this thing called the Internet, hastily created the Internet Explorer browser and began bundling it with later editions of Windows 95 and, subsequently, with all versions of Windows. Steadily, Internet Explorer came out of nowhere to dominate the browser landscape. It did so not through innovation but by recognizing that people are lazy: IE came bundled within the OS, so no downloading was required. And as organizations worldwide adopted Windows 98 for the office, workers grew used to seeing internal Web sites developed for IE, and people simply started using IE at home.

I mention Netscape because, if you believe Symantec and McAfee, a similar situation is about to unfold within the security industry. Microsoft, again recognizing late that it had failed to seize upon this thing called security, is now about to bundle its own security solutions within Windows Vista and further enforce new security policies that lock out some third-party security solutions altogether. Vendors Symantec and McAfee have looked into the future and realized that people may one day speak of them in the way that we now speak reverently of the early builds of Netscape. This time, history's on their side; court cases and commissions have found Microsoft guilty of antitrust violations, and the security vendors are now using these to argue their point. Unfortunately for Symantec and McAfee, time may have already run out; Microsoft is ready to ship Vista to manufacturers within the next few weeks. Security Watch: The Netscaping of Symantec and McAfee - CNET reviews

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