How safe is Web 2.0?

Again and again security flaws have shown up with the way the web works, problems that have allowed viruses to propagate, malicious software to wreak havoc on the contents of websites and users to hand over their passwords and on many occasions their money.

And now it seems the newest generation of web developers are making an old set of mistakes. Amidst all the attention being paid in the media to Web 2.0 a number of security experts have pointed out that the new castle is built on sand.

...Some of the people building cool Web 2.0 sites are making unwarranted assumptions about the information they are sending around, assumptions that could easily be exploited by an unscrupulous hacker to break into a web site or even steal data from a user's computer.BBC NEWS | Technology | How safe is Web 2.0?

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 15th October 2006 2:28AM