8 Expensive IT Blunders

IT is complex, famously and infamously so. Thousands of variables factor into the success or failure of a high-profile project. Will your career be defined by the data warehouse, delivered on time and under budget, that uncovered a thousand business opportunities? Or the ERP fiasco that forced the CFO to put one of those ugly footnotes about an unanticipated supply chain shortfall into the quarterly SEC filing?

Here we recount eight tech blunders--costly mistakes for the people involved and lessons for the rest of us. They range from application upgrades gone awry to wholesale strategy shifts that landed in the muck. There's the publicly traded company that prematurely unplugged its accounting system, the federal agency whose failed upgrade opened the door to fraudsters, the utility company that plunged much of North America into darkness because of a failed server reboot, and more. What follows are business technology fiascoes, some lesser-known, that continue to serve as shining examples of what not to do. 8 Expensive IT Blunders - News by InformationWeek

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