What's happened to corporate hackers?

Software is written far more robustly than it used to be. The gaping holes that hackers could not resist are no longer there. The security industry has also come on in leaps and bounds. Companies such as Symantec are now so large and powerful that they can afford to employ the best coders and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on software development.

But to try and add a more scientific approach to my thoughts, I performed what will go down as the least scientific experiment in history: I did a search on the term ‘computer hacker’ in an online news cuttings service. In 2001, there were 3,256 articles written about computer hackers. In 2005, there were a mere 1,983. There you have it, concrete proof that hackers are no longer a major threat to business. What’s happened to corporate hackers? - CRN

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 16th October 2006 10:12PM