Unlocking the power of computer crime evidence

There are many different ways to become a 'computer criminal'. And there are many different types of crimes for which computer evidence might become important to the prosecution or defence of a criminal charge.

The computer can be the victim, the tool or the witness to crimes of nearly every different kind. There have been murders in which mobile phone records have been admissible and relevant; and murders in which alibis have been established by purchase records, and in which motives have been established through fragments of deleted email.
Criminals do illegal things; why would they hesitate to use strong encryption simply because it was declared illegal?

There have been bullion robberies in which online map and route-finder information have been discovered; stalking and harassment cases in which the victim's computer has been plundered for information. Criminal IT: Unlocking the power of computer crime evidence - Security Strategy - Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com

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