RavMonE.exe iPod Windows virus not correctly named says Sophos

Security vendor Sophos claims that presently Apple is not displaying the correct name for the recently discovered iPod Windows virus listed on its website, instead referring to it by the name of a file commonly used in malware called RavMonE.exe.

"There are a number of different pieces of malware which use a file called RavMonE.exe and so we don't know at the moment precisely which Trojan horse or virus that may have been shipped," continued Cluley. "The name RavMonE.exe actually comes from a perfectly legitimate program called RAV Anti-Virus so it would be wrong to call a piece of malware by this name. Hackers sometimes spoof the names of legitimate programs to cause greater confusion." iTWire - iPod Windows virus not correctly named says Sophos

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 18th October 2006 11:45PM