Firefox Co Creator On The Browser's Future, And More

- Asked how the Firefox crew intends to respond to a revamped Internet Explorer: "It's a fair question, but in my opinion one that is rooted in notions of traditional companies and the competitions between them. Mozilla is not a traditional company. It is a nonprofit organization. There's no IPO or acquisition at the end of the rainbow, and no shareholders to impress. We have the incredible privilege of being able to spend our every waking moment thinking about how to serve users better. Analysts spend more time worrying about IE7 than we do; they're in the business of predicting winners, and they can't do that if one side isn't even fighting. Focusing obsessively on the user has never led us astray, and we're certainly not going to change our priorities simply because Microsoft has reentered the game."

- On the competition itself: "Microsoft comes and goes with the competition; Firefox brought them back to the table, but they make no guarantees how long they'll stick around. We do: So long as there's work to be done, we'll be doing it. I can't imagine why any individual " let alone an IT department " would bet on a company with a proven track record of gross abandonment." - Firefox Co-Creator On The Browser's Future, And More - News by InformationWeek

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