Security Suites Compared Part I

The best of this year's crop of security suites show an emphasis on friendliness without sacrificing tenacious and vigilant defense. They can run without slowing your machine to a crawl, and they don't inundate you with pleas for attention and demands for decisions. In fact, many now have a main interface that's nothing more than a great big green/yellow/red status indicator, and a single button to "FIX" anything that's making the status yellow or red.

Many of the 2007 suites are out now, and more are coming soon. PC Magazine's lead analyst for security, Neil Rubenking, evaluates them all, both for their manners and for their ability to counter the dirtiest tricks the malware types can throw at them. So, while he checks to see that they play nice, he's also doing his level best to hack, crash, penetrate, smother in spam, eye-gouge, body-slam and otherwise pummel these new products into submission. Because that's the one you want on your machine, isn't it? The app that'll show you a friendly face while scaring off intruders of all stripes.

This roundup, the first part of two, includes the eight security suites we've reviewed so far this season. Below are short capsules, with links to the full (and very detailed) reviews and test results you'll find on our site. Look for part two in a few weeks, including such names as AVG, BitDefender, Bulldog, and F-Secure, among others. Review Roundup by PC Magazine: Security Suite Smackdown, Part I

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