USBVirusScan will launch any program you provide as a command line parameter each time a USB stick is inserted. I use it to start a full virus scan on the inserted USB drive, hence the name.

For example, to start a cmd.exe on each USB drive you insert, you start USBVirusScan like this:

USBVirusScan cmd /k %c:

%c is a placeholder for the drive-letter of the inserted USB drive (yes, thatís %c like Cís printf function, and no, thatís not completely secure, but feel free to adapt itÖ).

USBVirusScan uses a system tray icon and balloons to announce the insertion of a USB drive. If you want to hide this system tray icon, start USBVirusScan with option -i, like this:
USBVirusScan -i cmd /k %c: USBVirusScan ę Didier Stevens

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 19th October 2006 1:16AM