Microsoft's antivirus battles: not Netscape part II

With the full public release of Windows Vista only a few months away, tensions are heating up between Microsoft and some security software vendors, and plenty of pundits are saying that this situation looks like a 2007 repeat of the great Microsoft Netscape battles of old. In the following report, we briefly summarize the facts and then explain why this situation is worlds apart from that landmark battle over web browsers. If anyone should be sweating bullets, it's Microsoft.

As previously reported, antivirus and security firms Symantec and McAfee object to x86-64 Windows' PatchGuard feature for 64-bit versions of the OS, which protects the kernel from any unauthorized changes or tampering. PatchGuard is not a feature of Microsoft's 32-bit operating systems, including the forthcoming 32-bit versions of Windows Vista. Microsoft's antivirus battles: not Netscape part II : Page 1

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