What does the future of malware look like?

The truth is, no one knows. According to the experts at Symantec, the changes we're going to see in malware over the next couple of years outweigh the changes we've seen over the last three to five years. It's daunting to think of the technologies behind malware changing that quickly when it takes five or six years to get out an OS and even a browser takes at least 12 18 months between iterations.

First of all, mobile devices are definitely on the rise as malware targets. We don't see this much inside the US, but that's mainly because of our stunted growth in the area of cell phones. In places like Japan and the Netherlands, where they have the latest phones and use them for things like micro-payments to make purchases from vending machines, malware is common. What does the future of malware look like? - Computerworld Blogs

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