Is IE 7 Really More Secure Than IE 6?

Microsoft released its long awaited Internet Explorer 7.0 browser on Oct. 19. The free download allows Windows users to replace IE 6.0, which hasn't had a serious feature update since it first came out in 2002.

IE 6 has been a serious p.r. problem for the Redmond software company, producing a string of warnings -- seemingly every month -- that its code is vulnerable to drive-by downloads and other ills that can be exploited by hacker Web sites.

The good news is that IE 7 resolves many of these security weaknesses, some of which Microsoft never got around to patching in IE 6. The new version of the browser isn't perfect, however, so you still have problems to be aware of. Is IE 7 Really More Secure Than IE 6?

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 25th October 2006 11:21PM