Are you aware of spyware on your home computer?

Imagine leaving the door to your home open, allowing intruders to enter secretly and record your personal information, such as your bank account and Social Security number, and then sell that information to a stranger.

Certainly most people lock their doors to prevent this from taking place; however, virtually anyone who has logged on to the Internet is unknowingly allowing this intrusion to take place on their computer. Daily Web activities by consumers have become stalking grounds for computer hackers through “spyware” programs, placing a user’s personal information and computer stability at risk. Over the past three years, spyware has gone from an unknown “techie” term to a household name synonymous with identity theft, frustration and computer meltdowns. Concealed on a computer’s hard drive, spyware is a software application that allows outside third parties to monitor a user’s Web-surfing habits, often using that information for marketing purposes. Are you aware of spyware on your home computer?

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 20th October 2005 12:34AM