Halloween sites tricking users with malware

This is a nasty trick! There are a few Halloween sites being used to distribute malware, right at the time when unsuspecting web users might be searching for Halloween sites for fun. Patrick Jordan, aka, Webhelper has posted the details here with a screenshot of the code with iframe links to a well known malware distribution site.

The sites to avoid are:

Halloweensites.net, nwnlostsouls.com, vampirekits.com, and on the same IP address, but not a Halloween site, sudokugameboard.com. Other on a different IP address, californiaparanormalsociety.com and heatherclark.info are also poisoned with the iframe links. Halloween sites tricking users with malware | Spyware Confidential | ZDNet.com

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 29th October 2006 8:35PM