New Malware is Vexing Security Vendors

A tricky malicious program has become more prevalent in spam, but experts don't know what its creators plan to do with it.

Many vendors are rating the malware called "Warezov," "Stration" and "Stratio" as a low risk. But they also say it is tricky to deal with.

The malware is a mass-mailing worm that affects machines running Microsoft’s Windows OS. When the malware infects a computer—usually after the user has opened an attachment containing the worm in a spam e-mail—it sends itself out again to other e-mail addresses found on the computer. The code is then capable of downloading new versions of itself as frequently as every 30 minutes from a batch of websites, said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, a security company in Helsinki. New Malware is Vexing Security Vendors - Security Feed - Blog - CSO Magazine

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