Nonsignature Antimalware

Traditional signature-based antivirus and antispyware programs identify nasty attackers by looking for identifying signatures. These signatures are akin to malware fingerprints; they're the signs that traditional antimalware looks for to recognize malware.

But if you've ever watched CSI, you know that fingerprints are really most useful when they're connected to a known offender in a database somewhere—someone who's never been caught before might not be. Similarly, the problem with the traditional signature-based approach is that it leaves you vulnerable between the time a brand-new threat appears and the time the security vendors develop a signature for it.

Sometimes that window of vulnerability is just a few hours, but all too often it may be days before your security software is capable of recognizing a brand-new threat. Nonsignature Antimalware

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 1st November 2006 5:12AM