Spyware Still In Town

Spyware still runs rampant throughout computers and many don't even realize they've got it. Companies often don't realize just how deep spyware runs through their computers and what exactly they can do about.

A recent survey by SearchSecurity picked up a lot of opinions on spyware issues and what companies do about it. The survey, conducted back in September included local, state and federal government employees, financial services at 20.4% of respondents; IT-related manufacturers and service providers and other non IT producers at just over 11% of respondents; education at 9.2%; consultants at 8.6%; health care was 6.2%; energy, utility and telecom hit 4.6%; and retail came in 2%. Other industries not mentioned include about 15%. Spyware Still In Town

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 20th October 2005 12:55AM