DDoS makes a phishing email look real

Just as Internet users learn that clicking on a link in an email purporting to come from their bank is a bad idea, phishers seem to be developing a new tactic, launch a DDoS attack on the Web site of the company whose customers they are targeting and then send emails "explaining" the outage and offering an "alternative" URL.

Imagine this scenario: You try to log onto your online bank but find the site isn't working. So you figure, oh well, I will pay the bills later. Let me check my e-mail.

As you wade through the spam in your inbox trying to find some genuine messages, you notice a new e-mail that seems to have been sent by your bank. Normally, you delete these without even reading them because they are obviously from phishers. ZDNet Australia: Blogs: Securify This!

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 8th November 2006 6:16AM