Rootkit Revealer Absorbed by Microsoft

The little software utility that uncovered the presence of Sony's stealth DRM hiding like a rootkit inside a security engineer's computer, and that triggered the chain of events that eventually led to the annulment ruling of a multi billion dollar merger between Sony and BMG Music, is now a Microsoft product.

Mark Russinovich's Rootkit Revealer, along with a multitude of his other Sysinternals tools, are now available for download as Microsoft products. The transfer of Russinovich's many assets from his original, independent Sysinternals blog to his new home on Microsoft TechNet is now complete, having begun last July. New documentation for Rootkit Revealer 1.7 was posted earlier this week. BetaNews | Rootkit Revealer Absorbed by Microsoft

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 10th November 2006 2:54AM