PornPass Manager infects computers with spyware

If you are in the habit of visiting sleazy Web sites, apply caution! Whilst you surf in porn waters, you may be caught by a nasty spyware installer named 'PornPass Manager', which is very difficult to completely eliminate from your computer, once the machine is infected.

According to security analysts at MicroWorld Technologies, PornPass Manager promises to give unsuspecting victims free access to many adult Web sites and ezines from the shady side of World Wide Web. It seems a good enough offer for many to jump the gun; but it is just a facade.

In reality, the program drops masked Spyware programs like SpywareQuake and VirusBurst into the computer. PornPass Manager is very similar to the earlier pornographic password programs like X-Password Generator and MyPornMagPass. SpywareQuake and VirusBurst, the rogue security programs installed by PornPass Manager, are also identical to the ones installed by its predecessors. My Broadband :: Hardware & Software : PornPass Manager infects computers with spyware

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 13th November 2006 10:38PM