"Fake Mailer" Labeled Badware

Fake Mailer is badware because it installs a Trojan horse application and adware, and redirects invalid web addresses to a third party page, all without informing the user or seeking their consent. It also claims to have no spyware, but is bundled with spyware components. In addition, both Fake Mailer and its bundled applications are impossible for the average user to uninstall.

...After installing Fake-Mailer, we detected a Trojan horse application on our system named KillFW. Trojan horses are applications that can secretly install additional programs on a user's computer without telling the user. Fake-Mailer also comes bundled with 2Search, a component that is reported to be adware. Badware caught by StopBadware discussion group

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 13th November 2006 10:41PM