Web Attacker Script Source code exposed

Web-Attacker is a Perl CGI script designed to exploit website visitors and execute code on their local computer. The script may be purchased from a Russian group for $300 or upgraded for $25. Once it is purchased and installed, the buyer simply needs to provide some type of malware (keylogger, spyware, and the like).

Web-Attacker has been around for well over a year now. But just when we thought we knew practically everything there was to know about the toolkit, we stumbled across something incredibly interesting: its source code. So, guess what our analysis today is going to focus on? But before we jump into the source code, I am going to give a brief overview of the components of Web-Attacker and where the script we discovered fits into the picture. WebsenseŽ - Blog: Malicious Website / Malicious Code of the Week

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 13th November 2006 10:45PM