Zero day Attacks Top Security Threat List

A dramatic surge in zero day attacks and exploits of Microsoft Office have been the two most important threat trends for 2006, the SANS Institute reported on Wednesday.

In a departure from tradition, SANS assembled a list of the year's top 20 attack targets for its seventh annual status report on the Internet threat landscape rather than cite the most serious vulnerabilities. "This is a big change," said Alan Paller, the director of research at SANS. "We used to call them Internet vulnerabilities, but now we're seeing the bad guys targeting certain [attack] areas but using lots of different vulnerabilities in each."

The increase in zero-day attacks, said Paller and the other security professionals during a Wednesday conference call with reporters, is part of the continuing move toward smaller, more targeted attacks. Zero-day Attacks Top Security Threat List - News by InformationWeek

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