Six steps to stopping spam

Readers and web observers reacted with a range of responses from queries and suggestions about the best way to stop spam, to complaints about the damage already being done to innocent net users by antispam measures.

To begin: Jonathan Duckworth from Stroud and Mark Tweedie in Coventry suggested that best way to be sure one is not part of a botnet is to use either Apple's OS X or the Linux operating system.

While that might be true, it doesn't solve the problem of receiving huge amounts of spam; there are still millions of potentially exploitable Windows PCs worldwide.

The proposals from readers on how to stop spam at its source boil down to six (largely independent) basic ideas, which I discussed with Lindsay Marshall, senior lecturer at the school of computing science at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, who is an expert on spam and computer risks. Six steps to stopping spam | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology

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