From Script Kiddie to CTO

Marc Maiffret knew it was time to grow up when he awoke one morning in 1998 to an FBI agent holding a gun to his head. "All that hacking had caught up with me," says Maiffret, CTO and chief hacking office at eEye Digital Security.

The then 17 year old high school dropout and hacker had just moved back into his mother's Orange County, Calif., home and ironically had landed his first real job after a year living as a runaway in Florida at a hacker buddy's home.

"He [the FBI agent] had a gun to my head and said, 'Don't move,' and yanked my covers off," says Maiffret, now 25. "And there was this guy running past my room with a shotgun like [it was] a drug [bust]. This was extreme, because I was just some computer nerd." Dark Reading - Desktop Security - From Script Kiddie to CTO - Security News Analysis

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