OS X Threat Landscape Document

Succinct information regarding the OS X threat landscape is hard to come by. Much of the information regarding OS X security and threats is blatantly wrong, overwhelmed by flame wars, and generally hard to digest. This isnít to say that researchers aren't releasing accurate and cutting edge information regarding viruses, vulnerabilities, and exploitation vectors affecting the platform. On the contrary, it seems that many of the defenders or users of OS X are unaware of their existence, don't understand them, or simply choose to ignore them.

In light of all of the misinformation and confusion surrounding the topic, there is a lack of a sufficient summary of what threats have affected OS X and what research is being carried out regarding the platform. So, I decided to document it. The document I set out to write was not meant to uncover anything new. No new vulnerabilities, exploit vectors, or rootkit techniques. Instead, I wanted to correlate and summarize the information that was already available to the public in a variety of papers and other documentation. The goal was to create a single source of reference that elucidates where the threat landscape of OS X truly stands today and where it is going to move in the days to come. Symantec Security Response Weblog: OS X Threat Landscape Document

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